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X 2 Extreme Wedges
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X 2 Extreme Wedges Steel
Item#:  I-X2WEDGE
MSRP Price:  US $39.99
Price:  US $14.95
You Save:  US $25.04 (63%)
Wedge (incl): 

X 2 Extreme

These are very cool, and obviously styled after the new Callaway X 22 irons.

They have the thinnest face of any iron we have ever measured at 1.9mm. What makes this face a truly superior design is the fact that the thinness is through the area where the badge is, but in the area where the badge isn't, the face is slightly thicker at 2.4mm and this area where the face thickens slightly is the area low and directly behind the center as well as in the toe and heel immediately behind the heel toe wings.

These precise heel toe wings also called notch weighting serve to dramatically increase the MOI of these irons. They are definitely the most modern futuristic looking heads we have seen and they hit amazing!

If you are comparing these to the XL IIís you may notice that they are very similar looking and they are, but there are some very subtle differences, these are 2 mm longer from heel to toe and 2 mm shallower from the sole to the top for slightly more spin and a wee bit higher trajectory.


Score line length on 6 iron 52 mm. Face thickness 1.9 mm.


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