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SMT 455 Deep Bore Titanium Driver Head
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SMT 455 Deep Bore Titanium Driver Head
Item#:  W-SMT455
Price:  US $145.00
The 455 Deep Bore driver head can be summed up in just one word… Legendary.

We were excited when it won the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship its first time out. Little did we know that this clubhead alone would capture four of these prestigious titles in its first five trips to the World Championships.

But that was not it for this history making model. Winning wire to wire on the European Tour as well as capturing the European Tour leading money winner title that same year was an unexpected treat. Amidst all of that, this driver head found its way into the Guinness Book of World Records, the Dunhill Cup matches and set driving distance records in Austria and New Zealand while securing their National Long Drive Championship titles. The 455 has ten championship trophies from South Africa that stand proudly beside the two from
Scotland and the one each from Finland, Switzerland and Austria with all being surrounded by the thirteen trophies from Australia.

The 455 Deep Bore won the LDA Tour School event as well as 8 other LDA Tour Events and has been featured in no fewer than 23 magazines in 11 different countries. Compare these accolades and accomplishments to whatever brand you might be considering, and then realize that we have left off the hundreds of top ten finishes and journal awards from this summary.

We have achieved all of this, as we have for all of our SMT branded products, without compensating a single player for their choice in equipment. Players are choosing and buying SMT for the simple reason that the brand performs flawlessly across the board.

Certainly there are some believe that this clubhead is just for the biggest hitters on the planet, but they would be wrong. The legendary 455 Deep Bore found its way into almost
100 Club Champion bags nationwide as well as tens of thousands of everyday golfers
worldwide just like you who crave quality, craftsmanship, distance, feel and results. All of this is backed by the now famous SMT Golf Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers
defect in materials and workmanship.

Lofts ranging from 4 to 14 degrees lets you know that we have a 455 Deep Bore clubhead that will perform just right for your particular swing. The USGA approved scoreline free face is unique in appearance and has allowed us to fully utilize the limits in the allowable spring effect under the rules of golf. We have found that a face with scorelines compromises the integrity of the structure and with our warranty and the fact that the longest hitters in the world require the best, we simply eliminated them.
You can expect that your 455 Deep Bore driver will come to you with a solid feel, great sound and provide you with a long walk right down the middle of the fairway. Couple this monster driver with one of our award winning graphite shafts and get acquainted with confidence... SMT style.

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