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Graman UL 540 Wood Shaft Limey
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UL 540 Wood Shaft Limey
Item#:  S-GUL540*
MSRP Price:  US $99.99
Price:  US $49.75
You Save:  US $50.24 (50%)

UL 540 Woods

These are definitely for the stronger player, when Graman says 2.5º of torque it is truly going to be that or very near to it, with Graman this is not a vanity number as it is with almost every other shaft manufacturer.

This is one of the favorite shafts among long drive competitors, many of them use this in long drive events, and many of them that compete with its big brother the UL 780 in Re Max or other long drive events use this shaft when playing a recreational or competitive round of golf.


You don’t have to have 145 mph swing speed to benefit from this shaft though, we have a lot of players who have had great success with this shaft, and generally they are stronger and either have a very quick tempo, and or a very late release. These are players who feel they over power most other graphite shafts that they have hit and want a shaft that won’t knuckle under, rather one that fights back and gives them some resistance.

These are available in R, S, X, and XX. If your looking for an L or an A flex this model isn’t for you.


They are available in R and S flex in Chrome or Day Glow Yellow also known as Limey, and X or XX flex in Chrome only.


Like all Graman shafts in the Ultimate G Series, also known as the UL Series they are cpm certified to within a 1 cpm tolerance. This means that they are so round that no matter what position they are aligned to in the club, the stiffness will not vary more than 1 cycle per minute, roughly the equivalent of 1/10 of a flex. I don’t know of another shaft in the world that can make that claim!



Average Rating: 
  based on 1 Customer Reviews

Review On Nov 12, 2008 by JackAnderson of Newport Beach, CA
Title: October 27, 2008
Comments: As a self admitted golf equipment nut, I am constantly on the look-out for new and better golf equipment. Recently, I purchased several new drivers from your store. The purpose of this letter is to give you some feedback on your drivers as a result of my “on course” testing of these drivers during practice rounds at my local course, Strawberry Farms. Strawberry Farms Golf Course puts a premium on long and straight drives. Almost all drives out of the fairway become lost balls and result in a penalty stroke. The course also features several long par 4’s and a par 5 that is the longest par 5 hole in Orange County from the back tees.

My experience with the new drivers, after hitting them through several rounds of play, is as follows:

• The driver combination of the Graffaloy Pro Launch Red shaft with your new Vector 460 head hit the ball further than any driver I have tried. It is longer by as much as 20 yards over the second longest driver that I own (see below). This combination also has the best “feedback and feel” of the new drivers.

• The second longest driver I have hit and own is the combination of the new Gram an UL 540shaft with the Vector 460 head. The low torque of this shaft seems to produce more consistent drives that find the fairway every time I put a decent swing on the club. It is also more able to handle more swing speed, and a quicker transition from backswing to downswing, producing more drives in the fairway on not-so-perfect swings.

• Other driver combinations that I own and have tested with top quality replacement shafts similar to those above, in combination with heads from Taylor Made (R-7 TP and R-5 TP), Ping Rapture, Cleveland Launcher Comp and even Vector 444, do not have the distance and feel that I am able to achieve with the Vector 460 head.

• None of my “off the shelf” top line drivers (Taylor Made, Cleveland, Ping, etc.) can touch your custom made drivers when it comes to distance and fairway consistency.

As a point of reference, I am a Senior golfer with “senior pro tour” distance, low single digit handicap, and can keep up (distance-wise) with the young, apprentice professions at Strawberry Farms most of the time.

I highly recommend your driver shaft/head combinations that you fit to individual golfers over any “off-the-shelf” standard drivers being sold by local golf shops in Southern California.

Jack Anderson