Removing Excess Material from Inside & Out of the Shaft Butt

Club Making

These were shipped un-gripped because the customer already had some grips back home so I just butt cut the shafts to his playing length after assembly so they would be ready for gripping.

Here's how they looked:


Notice how the outside of the shaft butts are sanded nice and smooth... this is an extra service we provide you at no additional charge.  Sometimes when you saw off the excess butt portion of the shaft prior to gripping, some slag is created that ends up leaving some fine steel both inside and out of the shaft butt.

Now you're probably wondering why it would be such a big deal if the grip was going over it anyways - so here's why:

Any excess material left inside the shaft will cause a finer slag and could easily break off during the course of play creating not so much a rattle, but a enough of a ruckus that you will notice and it get's pretty annoying. When you have excess material outside the shaft, if you ever reach back to the end of the grip, say you're trying for an extra yard or two, you might even feel it through the grip! These subtle imperfections can easily throw you off your game, who wants swing while thinking "wait a minute, what's that I feel?". For the inner shaft, we turn the club so the head is up with the butt facing down and use a fine file to remove any slag from the inside of the shaft butt which may occur during the shaft cutting process.

At some point we will give you more detailed pictures, or perhaps a video of this.

There is more to being a club maker than knowing how to stir epoxy.

Until next time,