Miura Passing Point 9003 Straight Necks & MB-001's Irons with a 1957 Y-Wedge and Nippon Zelos 7 Shafts + Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride Irons MB-001 Nippon Passing Point PP-9003 Straight Neck Tournament Blade Y-Wedge Zelos 7


This split set was built for Conrad in Australia, he was coming into the US for business so I was able to ship these over to the east coast for him to take home.

Launch monitor data revealed that Conrad could benefit from higher launching irons but irons with a lot of offset, wide soles and top lines did not suit his eye so we needed to come up with something "blade-ish" to match is style preference and get some high soaring shots. Through our discussions here's what we decided to go with:

  • Passing Point 9003 Straight Necks for the 4, 5, and 6 Irons
  • MB-001’s  in the 7, 8, and 9 Irons + PW
  • 1957 Y Wedge 49° for a Gap Wedge
  • Nippon Zelos 7 Shaft

And I made these modifications:

  •  ¼” under on the 4-9 Irons then standard length on the PW and GW
  • Off Set  the PP-9003's of 3.8 in the 4 & 5 iron, 3.6 in the 6 iron
  • Off Set the MB-001's in 7-PW of .2, .16, .16 & .14.
  • Spine and Flo (this is why the graphics aren't all logo up)

Mission Accomplished

The head thickness of the PP-9003 5 Iron top line is 5.70mm or 0.224” and the sole thickness of 18.5mm equals 0.729”. The length of the lower score line from heel to toe is 55.2 mm or 2.173”. In comparison the MB-001 8 Iron has a top line thickness of 5.31mm or 0.209” with a sole thickness of 16.21mm or .683" with the lowest score line measuring 50.97mm or 2.006”.  

The Nippon Zelos 7 Shafts in Stiff Flex weighed in at 77 grams which to my knowledge are the lightest steel shafts in the world. I haven't seen any better steel or graphite shafts that are made at this weight.

Enjoy and until next time,




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