Miura CB-501 Cavity Back Irons 4-P with KBS C-Taper Lites & Golf Pride Z Cord Grips

Here is a very cool set of CB-501's in 4-P I just finished up for Everett, who also got the new Miura leather stand bag [link] which is quite astonishing, I must say!


These KBS C-Taper Lites are really nice looking shafts, they have that satin finish which is very complimentary to the Miura head, and they have a really cool looking shaft band. I like the fact that they give you the shaft band separate so you can affix it after the build.

These bands are rather large, so I put them on the back of the shafts so at address you cannot see them, you don’t want a big cool looking shaft band pulling your eye away from the ball. The shafts are S Flex, 1/2" over.

The Golf Pride Z Cord grips we used are not only my current favorite cord grip, but really finish off the whole overall look of the set.

Until next time,


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