Recent Builds — Cavity Back

Split Set with CB-57 Cavity Backs & MB-001 Blades in KBS Shafts & Golf Pride Grips

Blades Cavity Back CB-57 Golf Pride KBS MB-001 Split Set Tour V

Duane was having a hard time deciding between a set of CB-57's or the MB-001's... trust me I know the feeling... you want a blade in your attack irons but some feel that cavity backs will help you in the longer irons. I suggested we do a split set, so we went with CB-57's in 4-5-6 and the MB-001 Blades in 7-P. We even went a little further and soft stepped the entire set by 1 soft step which lightens the flex of the shaft by approx. 1/3 of a flex, raises launch by a degree or 2 and can...

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