Recent Builds — PP-9003

Miura Passing Point 9003 Straight Necks & MB-001's Irons with a 1957 Y-Wedge and Nippon Zelos 7 Shafts + Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride Irons MB-001 Nippon Passing Point PP-9003 Straight Neck Tournament Blade Y-Wedge Zelos 7

  This split set was built for Conrad in Australia, he was coming into the US for business so I was able to ship these over to the east coast for him to take home. Launch monitor data revealed that Conrad could benefit from higher launching irons but irons with a lot of offset, wide soles and top lines did not suit his eye so we needed to come up with something "blade-ish" to match is style preference and get some high soaring shots. Through our discussions here's what we decided to go with: Passing Point 9003 Straight Necks for...

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