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Miura Passing Point 9003 Straight Necks & MB-001's Irons with a 1957 Y-Wedge and Nippon Zelos 7 Shafts + Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride Irons MB-001 Nippon Passing Point PP-9003 Straight Neck Tournament Blade Y-Wedge Zelos 7

  This split set was built for Conrad in Australia, he was coming into the US for business so I was able to ship these over to the east coast for him to take home. Launch monitor data revealed that Conrad could benefit from higher launching irons but irons with a lot of offset, wide soles and top lines did not suit his eye so we needed to come up with something "blade-ish" to match is style preference and get some high soaring shots. Through our discussions here's what we decided to go with: Passing Point 9003 Straight Necks for...

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Miura 1957 K-Grind 52° Wedge, True Temper Spinner Shaft & Golf Pride Tour Velvet 3 Grip

1957 52 K-Grind Spinner Tour Velvet True Temper Wedge

This build was for Tony from California. After talking to him for a bit, we decided to go with the True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft and the New Golf Pride Tour Velvet 3 Grip - which we'll discuss further. The K-Grind Wedges are known for their "knuckles" that reduce resistance allowing you to hit thru the ball with less effort. The 52° lies at 63.5 with a 0.05 offset and a bounce angle of 7°. It is also available in 56° & 60°. For full specs please visit the Miura 1957 K-Grind Wedge collection.   The Dynamic Gold Spinner...

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Jack Nicklaus Hits Hole in One with Miura CB57

CB-57 Irons

If your not yet convinced that the Miura CB57 irons are not among the finest irons possibly available, then consider that the best professional golfer of all time, the great Mr. Jack Nicklaus is currently hitting them and hitting them well enough to make a hole in one at the Masters Par 3 contest here in 2015. Well he should know how by now, he won his 6th Masters at the age of 46 and he is currently age 75. At this stage of Jack's life he can certainly afford to hit any clubs of his choice, and he certainly wants to hit the...

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