Krank Formula X Extreme Driver
Krank Formula X Extreme Driver
Krank Formula X Extreme Driver
Krank Formula X Extreme Driver
Krank Formula X Extreme Driver
Krank Formula X Extreme Driver

Krank Formula X Extreme Driver

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If you are between flex's we recommend you go down a flex as these Fuji's tend to play a bit stout. They are truly among the best Fujikura has ever produced.

Also if you want a different shaft altogether or just want the head we can do that also, please call us for a quote.

Krank Formula X Extreme Driver (USGA Conforming) 

The New FORMULA X EXTREME  – Krank’s Hottest Driver! 

The new Formula X EXTREME Krank Golf driver is 100% handmade, cupped faced and forged. No cast drivers here. Enjoy the next evolution of Krank speed and accuracy. At Krank Golf we will not sacrifice performance for style. The great news is that we didn’t have to. The new Formula X EXTREME Driver encompasses the outrageous ball speeds and stability everyone is so used to with a new look and style everyone wants.

The Formula X EXTREME Extreme Krank Golf driver encompasses everything we have learned over the past 16 years about driver performance. From triple plasma welding, the latest hardened Beta Titanium, to added sole plate louver placement for maximum energy transfer back to the golf ball. We push every possible advantage to gain performance. We do not build cast drivers. We only build 100% Cupped Faced Forged Drivers. There is no comparison in performance or durability.

Enjoy the next Krank revolution and hit the ball FASTER – STRAIGHTER – LONGER with the NEW Formula X EXTREME Driver by Krank Golf.



Distance and accuracy are attainable with our precision engineering and attention to detail. Utilizing Krank’s 21 years’ experience in providing the undisputed World Long Drive Champion Driver.

  • New micro milling of the face to maximize spring effect on every driver's head
  • Maximum metal hardening for the fastest spring back in any driver ever made, including previous Krank Golf drivers
  • New measuring process for exact lofting, face angle and lie angle specs
  • Exact mechanized welding process to minimize weight and maximize long-term durability
  • New Extreme Paint scheme


New Ultra Hardened Beta-Titanium X2 with micro milling for maximum spring effect. Ultra-hardened, micro milled and forged into a cupped shape, allowing us to create the maximum amount of surface space for maximum spring effect. The Formula XX EXTREME driver resists face flattening better than any driver made.



Controlling body compression at impact is critical to hitting consistently and improving ball speeds. Adding louvers on the sole plate, both toe and heel, significantly decreases the compression of those areas on off center face shots. This produces greatly increased distance and accuracy, both when you hit it center face and when you hit off center shots.