Covid 19


 Some of you may be wondering if we are open during this difficult time and if so what precautions we are taking.

 I thought the best way to answer those questions would be to post a recent email correspondence I had with one of our past customers, it is a follows;

David Are you open for business? Mark


david dugally <daviddugally@gmail.com>

Mar 25, 2020, 8:57 PM (2 days ago)



Hi Mark,

Yes I am.

I've been doing things 99% on line for some time now.

There is no walk in service at this time.

Also, just as an added note of reassurance my process of building your clubs has always been and remains that I finish them off at the shop with a wipe down 1st with acetone, then with mineral spirits, then take them to my home office where I ship them, at home they get a final inspection and wipe down with my special cleaning formula which consists of Bath and tile cleaner and goo gone on a hot wash cloth then buffed dry with a dry wash cloth.

Sorry to drone on as your only question was if I was open, but I wanted you to know that I have always been attentive to cleanliness.


David Dugally



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