Quality Guarantee

The Golf Coast is proud of its quality craftsmanship and reputation for building some of the finest golf clubs eyes have ever seen. If there is any defect or abnormalities in a clubs useability, function or craftsmanship we will fix the clubs at no additional cost and pay for shipping. The Quality Guarantee provided by The Golf Coast does not cover modifications for swing, trajectory, height, weight, scratches, cosmetic blemishes, normal wear and tear, or damage caused by abuse or a third party.

Manufacturers Warranty

Miura warrants its components to be free of defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of sale. They will repair or replace any Miura component or part thereof that is defective or becomes defective during normal use within two years after the date of purchase. The defective component may be replaced with a new or refurbished product at the sole discretion of Miura. This warranty does not cover scratches, cosmetic blemishes, normal wear and tear or damage caused by abuse or third party. If you have your Miura clubs worked on by another club maker for any reason and damage occurs - your warranty will be void. If the component is damaged during its build - we will have the item replaced at no additional cost to you. In order to be covered under Miura's Warranty Policy after we ship your clubs you must register them at www.miuragolf.com/register 

Most shaft company's offer a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship. As an authorized dealer we can submit claims for damaged or broken shafts however, the decision upon inspection is at the sole discretion of the shaft manufacture based on their respective policies.

If for any reason we receive a component that is defective The Golf Coast will have the item replaced through the manufactures warranty prior to building your clubs, there will be no additional costs but it may add a few more days to delivery but this rarely happens.